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Pat Hardy Elementary School

Grades: Junior Kindergarten - Grade 5
  • 35 Feero Drive
  • Whitecourt, AB
  • T7S 1M8
  • P: 780.778.6266


Principal - Anne Martens

Assistant Principal - Nicole Moir


Education Plan

2022-2023 School Action Plan

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Grade 5 Supply List


"Always Learning...Learning All Ways!"


At Pat Hardy Elementary School we are inspired to learn in a safe, inclusive, and innovative environment that celebrates success for ALL.


The education of the whole child can only be achieved through the shared responsibility of the home, school, and community. We believe that together we can encourage students to be risk-takers, make responsible decisions, respect one’s self and others, be adaptable in an ever-changing world, and most of all, become life-long learners.


Pat Hardy Eementary School is an inclusive community inspiring growth through discovery.