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Fox Creek School

Grades: K-12
  • 501-8th Street, Box 88
  • Fox Creek, AB
  • T0H 1P0
  • P: 780-622-3742


At Fox Creek School, students are taught to value learning and respect opinions, people, and property. Our students are expected to work diligently to achieve their personal goals while learning to make a difference within a diverse global community.

Our school staff believes that all students, our future leaders, are capable of learning and reaching their academic potentials. Using reflective differentiated programming, we support the learning styles and needs of our students, recognizing that students learn in different ways and at different rates.

We believe that a positive school climate relies on school staff, parents, and community stakeholders working together to create a variety of educational opportunities in a supporting, consistent, caring and safe environment. We rely on a collaborative relationship among parents, school staff, and community stakeholders to invest in education and support school programming.

We accept that the school has a contributing responsibility to adapt attitudes, practices, and programs to meet the needs of students in a changing society.