Meet Our Trustees

The jurisdiction's nine-member Board of Trustees was elected on October 18, 2021. Boards serve a 4-year term in Alberta with elections held in concert with municipal elections every four years.

  • Board Chair: Gerry Steinke
  • Board Vice-Chair: Diane Hagman

The Board of Trustees is responsible for setting direction, allocating resources and monitoring, evaluating, and reporting student and organizational progress and achievement.  The Board is committed to encouraging an environment of open dialogue and participation in providing for excellence in teaching and learning.

Board of Trustees

Gerry Steinke

Board Chair


P: 780.524.9889

Diane Hagman

Board Vice-Chair


P: 780.396.9694

Jim Hailes

Fox Creek

P: 780.622.3385

Deb Koloski

Darwell, Sangudo, Mayerthorpe area

P: 780.674.1994

Barb Maddigan


P: 780.262.1013

Judy Muir

Alberta Beach, Rich Valley, Darwell

P: 780.991.7413

Christine Peck


P: 780.691.0772

Linda Wigton


P: 780.706.4345


Les Urness


Nancy Whittaker

Executive Assistant to the Board

P: 780.778.2800

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