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Harry Gray Elementary School

Grades: 4-6
  • Bag 1
  • Valleyview, AB
  • T0H 3N0
  • P: 780.524.3433


‘To develop a working partnership between students, staff, family and community while enhancing the whole child academically, socially and emotionally by providing a safe, caring learning environment.’ Harry Gray Elementary School strives to encourage active independent life-long learners through programs that recognize the diversity of individual abilities and interests. We work to create a positive, safe  learning environment which develops and extends knowledge, skills, adaptability, self-worth, respect and responsibility, for the rights of the group. It is our goal to provide an atmosphere and environment where each member has pride in the school, in individual and in collective accomplishments. We promote a nurturing, supportive environment where the rights, responsibilities and needs of all members are accepted and a sense of well-being, personal accomplishment and self-worth is recognized.