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Facility Services

Randy Lovich, Director of Facility Services

Randy Lovich, Director of Facility Services

Responsible to the Secretary-Treasurer

Coordinates the maintenance, grounds care, and custodial services for all buildings and property belonging to Northern Gateway Public Schools to ensure an environment conducive to learning and teaching. 


Randy Lovich, Director of Maintenance

Deanna Harapchuk, Office Assistant to the Director of Maintenance

  • Coordinate the capital needs of Northern Gateway Public Schools with the Government of Alberta regulations and processes as well as municipal processes
  • Develop, in consultation with the Board of Trustees, Superintendent's Office, and School Administrators, the three year capital plan and ten year facility plans
  • Develop, in consultation with the Superintendent's Office and School Administrators, the Infrastructure Maintenance and Renewal Program (a detailed yearly maintenance plan for Northern Gateway Public Schools' facilities that represent current three-year education goals)
  • Coordinate new school planning and construction with the Government of Alberta
  • Coordinate school and community partnerships to enhance facilities in a cost effective manner while maintaining operating standards to provide learning environments that are in the best condition possible
  • Review municipal subdivision applications to ensure the needs of Northern Gateway Public Schools are met (e.g., school sites, transportation logistics)
  • Monitor population growth within Northern Gateway Public Schools and provide enrolment projections
  • Coordinate facility, enrolment, and utilization records with the Government of Alberta
  • Work with schools and Division Services on issues relating to school functionality, capacity, and utilization
  • Work with Northern Gateway Public Schools municipalities on common issues relating to facilities
  • Contract and monitor custodial services

Maintenance Services

  • Maintain building structure and envelope
  • Support existing electrical infrastructure
  • Manage existing plumbing fixtures and water/sewer systems
  • Oversee central security system, including keying and security procedures
  • Coordinate insurance coverage of Northern Gateway Public Schools insured vehicles, including buses
  • Sustain environmental conditions, including water quality and indoor air quality
  • Investigate vandalism
  • Remove graffiti
  • Provide/track/report utility services, including waste and recycling

Grounds Services

  • Design and construct landscape areas
  • Construct, inspect, and maintain playgrounds
  • Coordinate environmental projects
  • Monitor and maintain site drainage
  • Manage parking control and flow
  • Maintain parking lots, including snow removal
  • Maintain concrete sidewalks, curbs, ramps, pathways
  • Maintain playing fields/lines
  • Assist with school-initiated projects, providing estimates as required

Custodial Services

  • Ensure items used in schools meet Northern Gateway Public Schools' standards
  • Maintain cleanliness
  • Monitor and assist with daily maintenance of boilers and other building systems
  • Communicate status of repairs/concerns to schools
  • Provide safe, effective, environmentally friendly cleaning products and consumable goods
  • Work with Facility Services to eliminate hazards and improve facilities for all users