Trustee Handbook, Digital

A digital link library for new trustees! Please click on any of the links to learn more about Northern Gateway Public Schools, the students we serve and the policies and procedures that guide us: 

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Acronyms and jargon

Division Map

Maps to the Schools

Ward Maps

Our Schools

Division Services/Departments

Board Policies

Administrative Procedures

AP 400 - Appendix 400-1 - NGPS Central Services Organizational Chart

AP 640 - Responsible Use of Technology                                                 

AP 695 - Use of Social Media                                 

Contact List - Principals and Division Office

School Year Calendar

Board and Committee Meetings

Audited Financial Statement

Logging into the Employee Self Serve Web Portal (Expense Claims)

Alberta School Board Association (ASBA)

Public School Boards' Association of Alberta (PSBAA) 

Potential Questions & Answers on Election 2021

Fact Sheet - School Board Roles and Responsibilities

Parliamentary Motions Guide

Education Act  - Parliamentary Procedural Requirements