Board Policy Handbook

Policy development is a key responsibility of the Board. Policies constitute the will of the Board in determining how the Division will be operated. Policies provide effective direction and guidelines for the action of the Board, Superintendent, staff, students, electors and other agencies. Policies also serve as sources of information and guidelines to all who may be interested in or connected with the operation of the Division. Adoption of new Board policies or revision of existing policies is solely the responsibility of the Board.

Board Policy 1 - Divisional Identity and Foundational Statements

Board Policy 2 - Role of the Board

Board Policy 3 - Role of the Trustee

Board Policy 4 - Trustee Code of Conduct

Board Policy 5 - Role of the Board Chair

Board Policy 6 - Role of the Vice-Chair

Board Policy 7 - Board Operations

Board Policy 8 - Committees of the Board

Board Policy 9 - Board Representatives

Board Policy 10 - Policy Review and Development

Board Policy 11 - Board Delegation of Authority

Board Policy 12 - Role of the Superintendent

Board Policy 13 - Appeals and Hearings Regarding Student Matters

Board Policy 14 - Hearings on Teacher Transfers

Board Policy 15 - School Operational Viability

Board Policy 16 - School Closure and Transfer of Students

Board Policy 17 - Recruitment and Selection of Personnel

Board Policy 18 - Student Transportation Services

Board Policy 19 - Establishment of Electoral Ward Structures

Board Policy 20 - Administrative Procedures