Telephone: 780.778.2800 Toll Free: 1.800.262.8674

Financial Services

Tamara Spong, Secretary-Treasurer

Tamara Spong, Secretary-Treasurer

Responsible to the Superintendent

Manages the fiscal operation and records of the Division, internal and external financial reporting and Division and school budgets. Provides financial training and assistance to schools and other departments and ensures that the Division is meeting statutory requirements related to finances.


Tamara Spong, Secretary-Treasurer                                                                                              780.778.2800

Milly McGregor, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

Wendy Robertson, Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer

Jennifer Richard, Assistant to Financial Services

  • Keep current with events and laws affecting school divisions
  • Keep current with events and laws affecting Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP)
  • Keep current with Records Management issues through Association of Record Managers & Administrators (ARMA)
  • Prepare Annual Financial Statement for external audit and for the Board of Trustees
  • Prepare Annual Budget for Board of Trustees and Alberta Education
  • Prepare financial reports for all site locations
  • Provide schools and departments with the current state of their budgets
  • Support schools with accurate recording of school generated funds
  • Support schools in the collection of school fees
  • Assist schools with SchoolCash and SRB accounting system
  • Conduct annual school reviews
  • Contracts, insurance coverage, asset inventory, local elections, investment
  • Payment of invoices and processing of purchasing cards
  • Record all revenues and expenses
  • Process fees and accounts receivable invoices
  • Prepare T2200 forms (Declaration of Conditions of Employment)
  • Provide resource services on Records Management, Records Retention Schedules, Records Disposal, and FOIP