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Learning and Student Support Services

Responsible to the Assistant Superintendent

Learning Services Coordinators ensure schools and staff have the support and skills they need to meet the needs of students in an inclusive learning environment. Coordinators engage learners, both students and staff, to acquire cross-curricular competencies and prepares them to understand, adapt and successfully contribute to the welfare of themselves and their global community.

Our Student Supports Facilitator supports schools, students, parents and caregivers to encourage success in school, advocating for students and providing a link between students and other community services.




Leslee Jodry, Assistant Superintendent

Bev Cotton, Learning Services Coordinator

Tammy Davis, Learning Services Coordinator

Jackie Mines, Learning Services Coordinator

Tammy Charko, Student Supports Facilitator

Koralie Cockle, Assistant to Learning Services

  • Engage in coaching and action research with schools and classroom teachers
  • Guide Curriculum Redesign 
  • Move forward with High School Redesign and Dual Credit opportunities
  • Guide quality assessment practices to enhance student learning
  • Introduce new forms of pedagogy
  • Build capacity for inclusive learning environments and cross-curricular competencies
  • Build understanding of the diversity amongst learners and valuing this diversity as an opportunity to strengthen Northern Gateway Public Schools' inclusive learning community
  • Ensure resources and programming options are designed with universal access in mind and address the continuum of supports and services
  • Engage parents and community partners to assume the integral and purposeful roles in the education of Northern Gateway Public Schools' learners
  • Support stimulating, flexible programming that makes learning relevant and exciting to all learners
  • Leverage technology to support learning
  • Foster professional learning improvement, innovation, and excellence in Northern Gateway Public Schools
  • Mentor beginning teachers
  • Coordinate student programming through Regional Collaborative Service Delivery
  • Support early learners with PUF (Program Unit Funding) and diagnostic assessment including the EYE (Early Years Evaluation)
  • Facilitate Success In Schools
  • Provide for First Nations, Metis & Inuit Programming
  • Establish standards and supports for literacy and numeracy
  • Facilitate the ongoing use of diagnostic benchmark assessments in literacy (Fountas and Pinnell) and numeracy (First Steps in Mathematics) in Northern Gateway Public Schools
  • Support Learning Commons
  • Support Home Education and International Education