Our Story

No matter who you are, you can learn here.

From the students, to the teachers, to the principals and staff.

Because here, education happens every minute, in every corner, of every school.

Here, it isn't a between-the-bells thing. It's a lifelong thing.

It's a division-wide, school-to-school, network of learning.

Where we never give up and we can't be more proud.


Because we know learning makes us better.

Better students, better teachers, better leaders.

It brings our communities closer and helps great ideas take shape.

How do we do it?

By understanding that every student is unique.

By creating a space where every student feels welcome.

And by inviting the whole family to participate in their education.

We do it by teaching, and inspiring, the whole child, until we create an environment where every student leaves school saying:

I matter.

I've got this.

I'm just getting started.

Our Values

As leaders, we focus onĀ The Three Cs:




Our Motto

Learning for life. Together.