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Whitecourt Bus Stops, Route Timetable, Bus Passes & Transfer Stations

Whitecourt Bus Stops and Route Timetable

Click here to view a map of bus stops and the route timetable for Whitecourt.

Bus Passes

All Whitecourt students use a bus pass. Passes are issued to schools in June and distributed to returning students accordingly. For new students, passes are available at the Division Office in Whitecourt, at 4816-49 Avenue, beginning the second week in August. 

Transfer Stations

Beginning in September 2019, rural school bus transportation in the Whitecourt area will continue to operate as a single run design, with the addition of three, supervised Transfer Sites, at Hilltop Jr/Sr High School, Whitecourt Central School and Percy Baxter School.

How it works - rural buses will meet at the three supervised transfer sites after they have picked up all students. Students who attend school at the transfer site will disembark the bus and school supervision will begin. Students who do not attend school at the transfer site will disembark the bus and board (transfer) the designated transfer site school bus where they will be transported to their designated school.

Transfer Site supervisors assist students with disembarking from their rural bus and boarding their appropriate transfer bus at all three Transfer Sites. Additionally, Whitecourt students will have a distinct color-coded bus pass with their name and busing information.

Whitecourt Transfer Stations Quick Guide

For any questions regarding bus transportation, bus routes or pricing please contact the Transportation Department via email at, toll-free at 1-800-262-8674 or directly at 780-778-2800.