Division Services

Northern Gateway Public Schools' ultimate goal is student success and well-being. Students imagine, explore, create and engage in lifelong learning as they develop attitudes, skills and knowledge to contribute to the welfare of themselves and others and to prepare them for their future. We strive to create an environment where teachers, students, and the greater community can do their best work, together.

Superintendent's Office

Supports learning and teaching in Northern Gateway Public Schools by working closely with the Board of Trustees and School and Division Services staff. Manages and articulates the Division's direction in learning, human resources, technology, resource allocation, communications, facilities, health and safety and student transportation. 

Communications Services

Supports internal and external communications for the Division in the areas of strategic and emergent communications, marketing, community engagement, brand management, and online, print and social media. 

Facility Services

Coordinates the maintenance, grounds care, and custodial services for all buildings and property belonging to Northern Gateway Public Schools to ensure an environment conducive to learning and teaching. 

Financial Services

Manages the fiscal operation and records of the division to ensure the viability of an efficient learning environment. Provides support to Trustees, Senior Administration and Principals on financial matters in the Division. 

Health and Safety Services

Advocates, nurtures and develops health and safety education and practices which inspire Northern Gateway Public Schools to remain a compliant, safe and healthy place at all times for all students, staff and stakeholders. 

Human Resources

Supports the Division in addressing human resource needs for all Division employees and actively recruits and retains qualified and committed Division personnel to support all learners. 

Learning and Student Support Services

Ensures schools and staff have the support and skills they need to meet the needs of students in an inclusive learning environment. Engages learners, both students and staff, to acquire cross-curricular competencies and prepares them to understand, adapt and successfully contribute to the welfare of themselves and their global community. The Student Supports Facilitator supports schools, students, parents and caregivers to encourage success in school, advocating for students and providing a link between students and other community services.

Technology Services

Supports teaching and learning by ensuring that technology is effectively integrated into learning and teaching processes. Provides technical support to all schools and departments, and the infrastructure that gives schools and other departments uninterrupted, secure access to information, digital resources and electronic communication. 

Transportation Services

Supports schools by ensuring that all students are transported safely to and from school and arrive ready to learn. Provides efficient and reliable service for 3,552 students attending school in the Division, as well as for students attending Living Waters Catholic schools in Whitecourt and Holy Family Catholic schools in Valleyview.