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Ahead of the Game with the Dual Credit Oilfield Operator program

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Some great photos of Mayerthorpe, Whitecourt and Fox Creek students in action in Peace River where they are completing their Dual Credit Oilfield Operator practicum courses!

Our Oilfield Operator program is one of our most popular Dual Credit learning opportunities! The program allows students to earn credits towards their high school diploma while also earning credit towards the Oil & Gas Production Operations Certificate from Northern Lakes College.

The Program provides students with the necessary on site operations training to work in the oil and gas industry, learning about production, industrial safety, environmental issues, safety and equipment operation. 

Graduates of the program are prepared, employable and preferred by companies who appreciate the already trained graduates for positions in battery and field operations, gas plants and oil refineries.

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Dual Credit Oilfield Operators

Whitecourt School Bus Transportation Graduation Ceremonies