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And the Edwin Parr Nominee is ....

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NGPS proudly presents our 2017 Edwin Parr Nominee!

Tessa Barrass, Grade 3 teacher at Whitcourt Central School (WCS). has been selected as the Division's 2017 Edwin Parr nominee.

Tessa demonstrates a deep understanding of student learning styles and is passionate in her quest for resources and strategies to promote student engagement and learning. Mutual respect and understanding are key elements in Tessa's classroom where students are encouraged to build relationships with all other students regardless of culture, beliefs, gender or ability level. 

In her own words, Tessa loves to see kids grow and progress in their learning:

The students make my job easy. Just seeing them succeed is reward enough. This nomination is an honour because it says to me that I am doing right by my students, and I am grateful to have been nominated by this very supportive and contemporary school community and division."  

As a first year teacher, Tessa has been an active participant in NGPS' Beginning Teacher program. She participates in the Grade Three Learning Network, including extensive work with our division Math Consultant, Geri Lorway. An enthusiastic member of the school community, Tessa planned the school's Jump Rope for Heart activity this year and is a regular volunteer in WCS's Breakfast Program and Lunch Clubs.

Tessa's energy and enthusiasm are contagious and refreshing and her love of teaching is evident daily!

- WCS Principal, Tammy McKeever

Tessa maintains a successful balance between being firm and being caring. She recognizes when students are in need and demonstrates a keen awareness of underlying issues that they may be experiencing. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed by students who know that they can always count on Miss Barrass for a chat or extra moment if they are having a difficult day.

Miss Barrass is a dedicated first-year teacher with a demonstrated ability to connect with her students and their families in an effective and supportive way. Her creativity and commitment make her a strong advocate for student success and an asset to both her school community and to NGPS.

- NGPS Superintendent, Kevin Andrea

Who was Edwin Parr?

Those who knew Edwin Parr describe him as a person intensely concerned with the education of children. So great was his interest that he sacrificed much of his own time to ensure the children in his area received an education equal to or better than that available to urban students.

Mr. Parr, who participated in selecting new teachers, stressed to the applicants that they must go beyond the duties normally expected of teachers.Edwin Parr’s interest in first-year teachers lead to his school division instituting an “Annual Teacher Award.” He encouraged the Alberta School Trustees’ Association to consider a similar award at the provincial level but his dream was not realized in his time.

In searching for a way to perpetuate the memory of a man who served as the Alberta School Trustees’ Association’s president from 1956 to 1962 and to honour the profession he so deeply respected, the Association established the Edwin Parr Teacher Award.  

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