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Artsfest 2015!

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Artsfest 2015!

Division’s 10th annual showcase of the visual and performing arts aims to inspire, entertain and celebrate the talents of NGPS students!

The halls were 'alive with the sound of music' last Thursday, April 23, as NGPS students and staff celebrated Artsfest. The annual showcase takes place in three locations each year to ensure that all students and members of our numerous communities have the opportunity to participate in and enjoy Artsfest.

Hosting Artsfest is a major production! Artwork needs to be hung, performances coordinated, programs created, instruments transported, stages set up, lighting and sound checks performed and so much more. Hats off to our host schools - Hillside Jr/Sr High School in Valleyview, Sangudo Community School and Darwell School - and to all of our participating teachers and students, for their vision and efforts in creating this opportunity for students to share their passions and talents and in turn be inspired by the work of others!

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