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Buckshot and Blossoms, a knee-slapping comedy by the MHS Drama Club!

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Mayerthorpe residents were treated to two nights of knee-slapping comedy and great food as Mayerthorpe Jr/Sr High School’s Drama Club presented its 13th Annual Spring Thing Dinner Theatre. This year’s play was a western spoof entitled Buckshot and Blossoms, by Tim Kelly. 

Down at the Trail Dust Hotel, the villainous Whip Lash (Kalysha Klassen) of the Whip Lash Gang is concocting nasty schemes to rob citizens while his partner-in-crime, Pearl of Pecos (Cameron Rizzoli), deals marked cards. Meanwhile, the town has a new sheriff, our hero Johnny Wright (Micheal Commandeur), also known as “The Fastest Gun in the West.”  Alas, the lovely Annabelle Rawlins (Selene Prosick), owner of the mine that Whip is trying to claim as his own, turns up with her campaign against guns inside town limits. She favours blossoms over bullets. The Durango Kid (Corbyn Hansen), the meanest gunslinger alive, and the Sheriff play High Noon in the hotel lobby... without a single shot being fired! 

The cast and crew were given a standing ovation at the end of the performance. Senior cast members who are in Grade 12 this year thanked Mrs. Greenland for all of the time she has dedicated to their craft over the six years that she has directed them during various performances. Mrs. Greenland thanked the cast for their dedication to the performing arts.

MHS is recognized locally and provincially for its drama program, its driving force in Mrs. Greenland and for the opportunities it provides for students in Grades 7 through 12. In addition to learning the craft of acting, students perform in multiple plays throughout the year, compete in provincial drama festivals (award-winning!) and learn about the production of a production, from props and lighting to costuming and ticket selling. 

While this year signals the end for one group of students who are completing the drama program, the future is bright with some up and coming thespians. 

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