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Christmas comes early at SCS!

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Just in time for Christmas concert season, students and staff at Sangudo Community School are testing out their new stage equipment.

The school has been busy this year with plans to enhance their Fine Arts offerings with the purchase of a complete class set of guitars, harmonicas and a Cajon drum which will be used by the Music Club, the extension pieces for their stage pictured here, plus new stage entrance stairs, side curtains, portable spotlights and even some new sound equipment.

Can't wait to see it all come together at next week's concert Sangudo!

Special thanks to the Parents' Association for financially supporting the purchase of much the new equipment.

Christmas comes early at SCS!

New stage extensions, curtains, sound equipment and lighting! The school has also purchased a class set of guitars, harmonicas and a Cajun drum as part of their plans for enhancing their Fine Arts offerings at SCS this year.

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