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Community partner makes it happen in Fox Creek!

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UPDATE: this article has been edited with corrections to misinformation included in the original version. Our sincere apologies to Mr. Leonard and Paramount Resources.

Fox Creek staff and students came together yesterday to recognize a man who makes learning opportunities possible for Fox Creek students.

Bob Leonard, community member and Production Superintendent of Paramount Resources, is an instrumental part of the 4th Class Power Engineering Dual Credit program at Fox Creek School. He was one of the first community members to jump on board when approached with the opportunity to provide local students with relevant training and work experience in this high demand field.

Fox Creek Teacher, Mr. Kevin Thesen and Lorraine Jackson from Careers Next Generation were on hand to present Mr. Leonard with the Cenovus Excellence in Power Engineering Mentorship Award and a token of thanks for his immense support of the program, even during trying times.

"Even when the economy turned, and businesses were laying off their employed people, Mr. Leonard still supported student learning through the program," shared Mr. Thesen. "He has continually gone to bat for the students, the program and the principle of learning. He stresses safety and practice with students who are there to work but also to learn and to be a part of the team at Paramount Resources."

Students love the program and often share that they feel very included and welcomed by Bob's team. NGPS Trustee Ethan Thesen, a graduate of Fox Creek High School who now works as a power engineer himself in Fox Creek, joined school administration, Fox Creek Mayor Jim Hailes and staff and students for the presentation.

Thank you Mr. Leonard and Paramount Resources for giving Fox Creek students this unparalleled opportunity to complete high school with skills, experience and a trade in hand!

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Awesome action cousin Bob! I’m sure the legacy you created will go far and wise, across the country maybe huh?


Way to go cousin Bob! I’m sure many young minds were amongst great ones and that you’ve provided yet, another opportunity for growing minds!
Too bad you can’t bottle that skill.
As always, your cousin.