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Practicing Mathematics for life (and having fun doing it)!

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Hilltop Math 20-3 Cribbage Field Trip to the Whitecourt Senior's Circle

Mrs. Woodford's Math 20-3 class visited the Whitecourt Senior's Circle to learn how to play cribbage as part of the process of meeting one of their learning outcomes. The 10% Project idea, meant to engage with the community and learn how to play crib from more seasoned players, was student-generated and, as Mrs. Woodford shares, "a perfect culminating activity to an already phenomenal semester."

As part of their project, students practiced counting their hands, made rules sheets and played against each other all prior to the big day. The class was welcomed by sixteen seniors at the centre where they learned how to play as pairs, groups of three, and as doubles.

Many a game was won and lost and Mrs. Woodford's "heart was filled with happiness" as she watched her students laugh and engage in thoughtful conversation and meaningful learning:

"This field trip reinforced the importance of practicing mathematics for life and how engaging in critical thinking can happen in the most unassuming ways."

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