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Dual Credit - a student's experience!

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Sarah is a Grade 12 student at Mayerthorpe Jr/Sr High School with aspirations of becoming a nurse. The Health Care Aide program offered through Norquest College was appealing to her because it enables her to train in the medical field before leaving high school, while she earns 25 credits. When Sarah graduates she will have her high school diploma as well as her Health Care Aide certificate from Norquest College. This will allow her to be employed in a front line health care position in an assisted living facility, continuing care institution, acute care hospital, group homes, home care or private care.

Sarah is completing the program via videoconferencing. She travels to Barrhead periodically for labs. The program will take all year to complete including a practicum at Easter Break and another practicum in July.

This is an excellent, real example of how Dual Credit programs help students to gain practical skills and training prior to leaving high school, gain insight into vocations they are interested in before committing to a post-secondary program, gain experience that will help them gain employment in their chosen field and excel in their future studies and occupational pursuits.

Good luck Sarah!

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