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Election 2023: Education and Our Communities

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The provincial election has been called for May 29, 2023.

As you connect with your local candidates, here are some points and questions you may want to consider when speaking about education in our local communities.

  1. How will education funding support equal learning opportunities for rural students in Alberta?

  2. How will your party address school bus transportation challenges in rural Alberta?

  3. How will your party include and support teachers in developing and teaching the new curriculum?

  4. How will your party support the mental health and wellness of staff and students?

Public education is the foundation of a strong Alberta for all students.






  • Stable and predictable funding
  • Access to grant funding before the school year starts
  • Ability to maintain reserves for planning and emergencies
  • equitable funding that supports equal learning opportunities for rural students


Alberta's curriculum is changing. The collaborative and thoughtful development and roll-out of the new curriculum, done in partnership with educators, is key to ensuring students are supported and successful in their learning.


Student health and well-being is a complex issue that requires a collaborative and coordinated response between Government, Education, Health, Children's Services and other relevant community organizations.

Collaborative planning and coordinated resources are essential to meeting the increased and complex needs of students.


  • partners in capital planning
  • Capital funding matches enrolment and replacement school needs, and operations and maintenance needs


School bus transportation continues to challenge rural school divisions with long ride times for students, a widespread shortage of bus drivers and rising insurance costs.





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