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Grade 9 OHS student makes her mark in Arabian horse world

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Randi Hynes, a Grade 9 student at Onoway Junior Senior High School is making a name for herself in the Arabian horse world.

During the last show season, Randi finished with two 1st place garlands, two trophies and two Top Five's at the Region 17 Arabian Championships. These wins have qualified her for the Youth Arabian Nationals in Oklahoma this July, 2016; the Canadian Arabian Nationals in Manitoba this August; and the U.S. Arabian Nationals in Oklahoma in October, 2016.

Randi and her horse, Cowboy’s Kachira, love to compete and specialize in reining. Currently the fastest growing event of all Arabian horse disciplines, reining competitions are all about action. Competitors ride specific patterns and are judged by their ability to ride that pattern as perfectly as possible. The horses are highly responsive to their rider’s cues, making this sport a mental and physical challenge for both riders and horses.

There will be an article published in the next Arabian magazine about Randi, the Arabian breed and what these horses are capable of doing.

Congratulations to Randi, wishing you speed and agility in your upcoming competitions!

Grade 9 OHS student makes her mark in Arabian horse world

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