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The ABCs of RCSD

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The ABCs of RCSD

Regional Collaborative Service Delivery, RCSD, delivers regional supports and services to enable Alberta’s children and youth to succeed in their learning and well-being. Northern Gateway Public Schools is part of two provincial RCSDs that help build and bring the supports students need, to students, consistently and collaboratively.


RCSDs deliver regional supports and services to enable Alberta’s children and youth to succeed in their learning and improve their well-being. Under the RCSD umbrella, students benefit from the support of the School Link Team and the Regional Consultation Team.


Works with schools on a regular and consistent basis, primarily with staff, to build capacity – skills, knowledge, professional learning, problem-solving and strategies – to promote lifelong learning for all students. 

The team represents a transition to a new service model, in which we move from one specialist supporting many students, to working as a team with and within schools and communities to explore and deliver new ways of supporting students and enhancing classroom strategies that promote engagement and inclusion.


Individualized supports are provided through the Regional Consultation Team, composed of specialists and consultants, who support children and youth with visual or hearing impairment, blindness and deafness. 

While the School Link Team works regularly and consistently with all schools in our Division, the Regional Consultation Team works with the School Link Team, parents and schools by request.

The teams also provide behavioural and mental wellness support and transitional supports to students who may be transferring schools or in or out of the Division. Students going from Kindergarten to Grade 1 who might need a little extra support, or students who are returning to school following a medical event like a surgery or a new diagnosis.

Improving access to supports and services, building capacity of communities including school staff, service providers and families and improving integration and coordination of supports and services, RCSD is a provincial partnership between Alberta Health Services, Alberta Human Services and Alberta Education. 

Visit the RCSD website for more information.

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