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Media Studies student produces awareness video for Wellspring

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Grade 12 Hilltop High student Rachel Wise, was interviewed last week about her work on an awareness video she produced for Wellspring Family Resource Centre and the Whitecourt Family Violence Initiative. Rachel shares her challenges and learning as covered here by the Whitecourt Star.

You can watch Rachel's video here!

Wise is part of Hilltop's Media Studies program, which gives students the chance to pursue a large variety of photo and video projects throughout the community. Students in the program have covered events ranging from the Alberta Snowmobile Invasion, the Big Bang Mud Run, firefighter training and more.

“I really hope that people realize the impact that family violence has on society is a big one. It's big cause of fatalities,” Wise said. “People kind of skim by it, especially because it's in the media. I don't want them to skim right by it.” 

Students visualize family violence statistics, Joseph Quigley, Whitecourt Star, November 1, 2016


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