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MHS's WAM Club plans for the future!

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Mayerthorpe High’s WE Club, We are the Movement (WAM), was established in the fall of 2013. Since then the club has organized numerous drives and campaigns within the school, local community and abroad – they raised $10,000 in just two years to build a school in India!

Last Thursday, November 26, the school was treated to an inspiring visit from Free the Children, an organization that spreads the message of We Day and the power of WE globally, empowering communities to give where they live and be the change they wish to see in the world.

MHS applied for the opportunity and was lucky to be one of schools to get a visit which began with a kick-off presentation from ambassadors Martin and Tanica. Both Martin and Tanica shared their personal stories of why giving where they live and spreading the word is so important.

They also shared that Telus is offering MHS a grant of $1,000 to move forward with a local project!!

Following the school presentation, WAM club members worked one-on-one with Martin and Tanica in activities that allowed them to reflect on qualities of leadership (their strengths and areas identified for improvement) and the safe space we need when leading together as a group.

Coordinating teacher Beth Ranslam Bissonnette shared, “Over the course of the three hour workshop I watched them (students) morph from hesitant, shy, confidence-lacking youth into confident individuals that united as a strong team. They ended with strategies in planning and how to focus and organize their energies with knowing their PASSION (interests, talents) and choosing an ISSUE (THE CONCERN) to create the CHANGE.

Tanica exampled her experience/project of dance (passion) with self/body image (issue) to help girls with self-respect (change).

The group is eager to roll up their sleeves and begin planning and we are so excited to hear what these community-minded students will be up to in the coming months!! Stay tuned!!


MHS's WAM Club plans for the future!

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