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Motivational Magic!

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Sangudo Community School students were in for a treat last week with a visit from magician Steve Harmer. School administration couldn't pass up the chance to have students hear Steve's message delivered via a magical format that just couldn't be beat.

A former school teacher, principal and counselor, Steve has been a professional magician for over 35 years. His "Be a bucket filler, you can make a difference" performance taught students about our “invisible buckets” that represent our mental and emotional health. Students learned that we all need our own buckets filled with “love” and we need to help fill the buckets of others. With colourful props and mesmerizing tricks, students learned what kinds of affirming words and actions have the power to strengthen children, families and communities.

Magic captures the imagination of both young and old. Colorful props, juggling, rabbits, music and laughter engage us at both a heart and a head level. The fun, excitement and mystery of illusions, tricks and puzzles when applied to teaching concepts make the content memorable. Magic helps make an abstract concept concrete and therefore easier to understand and more fun to implement.

It might also prompt your child to think and talk about bucket filling at home. Have you filled someone’s bucket today? Is your own bucket full?

Motivational Magic

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