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New school, new vision!

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A Moment in Time

The staff of the current Onoway High School shared a special moment today as Principal Lobo and Assistant Principal Villneff led staff on a symbolic 'journey' from the current school to the new Onoway Jr/Sr High School (OJSHS).

Staff were welcomed into their new building and gifted with new spirit wear - grey shirts and messenger bags emblazoned with the new school logo - Empowering Learners.

Principal Lobo shared the new motto, vision and mission for OJSHS, driving home the school's motto of Empowering Learners. Staff applauded their principal as they left the current school with a clear vision of their new school in mind, shirts and messenger bags in hand. 

Deputy Superintendent Michelle Brennick and Communications Officer Lisa Bakos had the honour of joining Onoway staff on this momentous occasion.

Canter on mustangs! Can't wait for the first day of school!

Empowering Learners at Onoway Jr/Sr High School

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