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New Teacher program begins!

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The Beginning Teacher Program started Tuesday in Whitecourt with an orientation for all NGPS teachers who are new to the division. The program continues through the year for all first year teachers to support and guide them during their first year in the profession.

Orientation day gives new NGPS teachers a chance to get acquainted with division operations and personnel and begin learning more about NGPS Planning Requirements, the Teacher Resource Guide and online resources, the division’s Three Year Education Plan, Inclusive Education Supports in Northern Gateway, Technology, and Expectations for Growth, Supervision and Evaluation.

The year-long program to support first year teachers consists of four workshops focusing on areas such as:

  • Classroom Management
  • Instruction and Engagement in the Classroom
  • Mindset
  • Building Relationships with Parents
  • Learner Pathways
  • Assessment - Provincial Achievement Testing (PATS), Student Learning Assessments (SLAs), Diploma Exams
  • Working with Educational Assistants

Support Networks

Each first year teacher in NGPS receives the support of a mentor teacher and NGPS Learning Services Coordinators, including five days to use at their discretion for preparation/planning, in addition to five days for planning together with their mentor teacher - collaborating, observing each other teach, reflection, etc.

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