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New teachers unite in Whitecourt for orientation!

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NGPS welcomes 22 new teachers!

We are pleased to announce the addition of 22 excellent new teachers to Northern Gateway Public Schools this year. 

The NGPS Beginning Teacher Program provides orientation, support, workshops, mentoring and additional preparation time for all teachers who are new to teaching (first year), new to NGPS and/or new to the province.

Offering beginning teachers the support, resources and mentors they need to be successful as a first year teacher in Northern Gateway schools.

Today's orientation covered Foundations for Success - planning, professional growth, supervision and evaluation; technology use and digital citizenship; student programming and inclusive education supports; professionalism; and, a presentation from local ATA 43 President, Katrina Zack. 

The cohort will continue to meet at workshops throughout the year that are designed to support new teachers' learning and growth in key areas like fostering effective relationships, foundational knowledge about First Nations, Metis and Inuit students, the Collaborative Response Model, Assessment and Reporting and Student Programming.










The Power of a Fresh Start First day back is Sept 4!