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Our Story

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Our Division was fortunate to work with Incite, an Edmonton marketing firm whose strategies focus on the relationships of its clients.  Their team engaged Trustees, students, parents, educators, community members, and leadership in the process of defining the Northern Gateway Public Schools brand.  Everyone who was consulted, from Grade 1 students and beyond, was asked questions about how they see their school division, strengths and areas they believed needed attention, and what is important to them.

A new image and responsive website are just the beginning – rebranding is more than just a logo, it is our identity. It is the way we look, the way we sound and the way we act. It is how we convey what is important through visual and written media, and how we build relationships in our communities.

Like so many things in life, education is a journey. You start, fresh and excited, and come out the other side with more wisdom, more understanding, and more purpose than you thought possible. But like any journey, things can change along the way. The best travellers are those who are adaptable and driven, and who aren’t going alone. 

Northern Gateway Public Schools is both a traveller and a guide in this journey. On one hand, the drive for innovation in method and approach is ever present. Our desire to learn from the past and create better tools in the future permeates everything. But, at the same time, we provide the maps, the waypoints, and the tools to help other travellers navigate their way. As the greatest education resource, Northern Gateway Public Schools works in its communities to create the richest, most diverse educational experience possible.

Education is a journey. So is the building of a school division. Superintendent Kevin Andrea remarked, "Our corporate journey has led us in a new direction this past year. A quest, if you will, to up the ante. Matching our strategic direction with our visual identity. Representing, on the outside, what we’re doing internally every day. Building leadership and capacity, incorporating new learning technologies, participating in research on curriculum, providing students with personalized and inclusive learning opportunities.  Education is evolving and so are we."

To ensure that this evolution of our identity is understood by even the youngest of our learners, Our Story has also been prepared in a a book format for their viewing and reading pleasure.


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