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Register now for Kindergarten and preschool programs!

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NGPS offers Kindergarten at ten of our community schools. Preschool programs, also referred to as Junior Kindergarten, are offered at Sangudo Community School, Pat Hardy Primary School in Whitecourt and at Oscar Adolphson Primary School in Valleyview.

Every spring our schools host special events to welcome new Kindergarten students and their families to Kindergarten. Please check with your area school for complete details and upcoming open houses.

Click here for a listing of NGPS schools.

What happens in Kindergarten?

In Kindergarten, children explore and learn about the world and themselves through play. In Kindergarten your child will discover reading, math, physical education, art and music in preparation for lifelong learning.

Who can register for Kindergarten?

Children who turn 5 years old by December 31, 2023 can register for Kindergarten for the 2023-24 school year.

What should you bring to register?

  • You will need your child's birth certificate or proof of citizenship (Passport or Visa). Your child must be 5 by December 31, 2023 to begin Kindergarten.
  • A detailed land location or rural address. We need this to confirm you are registering at the right school and to plan for busing in September. 
  • Contact the school you will be registering your child at next year for more information.

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Lindsey Badger


I was wondering if i am able to register my son in Jr Kindergarten this Sept? Hes going to be 4 yrs old at the end of this month.

Northern Gateway Public Schools


Hi Lindsey, registration for Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten is still open. Please call or email the school your child will be attending directly for all the details. Here is a link to our Schools page where you can find contact information :) http://www.ngps.ca/schools/our-schools