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Spring is here!

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Observations of Mother Nature and her Spring Moods

Spring in Alberta is like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates, "You never know what you are going to get." Mother Nature does not care that we are tired of the cold, snow and ice. She just gives us whatever she wants and we have to accept it. She is an angry girlfriend coming back after an argument, yelling, “and another thing…!”


  1. People are wearing shorts, flip flops and a winter jacket - at the same time!
  2. You can suntan in your front yard and there is still snow in your backyard.
  3. Kids need to wear mittens and a toque under their helmet when they are bike riding.
  4. Everything smells like animal poo…
  5. You wade through slushy, muddy ice to snip off a bouquet of pussy willows.
  6. You notice every tiny, bright, green sprout poking its nose through the mud.
  7. Sand and dirty footprints are all over your kitchen floor.
  8. There is frost on the ground in the morning but you’re in shorts by the afternoon!
  9. The streets are a buzz with tricycles, dog walkers and parents pushing strollers on gravel covered sidewalks.
  10. If you put your summer tires on and it snows, everyone blames you!


In the wise words of Elsa: Let it Go.

Soon we will be in Fool’s Spring, then Second Spring and believe me, before you know it will be Spring for real! And if you blink, bang - it will be summer, I promise!

  1. Pack up winter gear (of course it is going to snow again one more time, but pack it up anyway!)
  2. Plant seeds in an egg carton and place them in a sunny spot in your home.
  3. Dig out the rubber boots and play in the rain!
  4. Make boats out of recycling material and float in flowing gutters or streams.
  5. Declutter a closet or a drawer and donate the items. It feels great to purge!
  6. Go to a playground (watch out for doggy messes!)
  7. Fly a kite!
  8. Countdown the days until summer holidays by crossing them off on your calendar! 

As our kids are growing, remember the days seem long, but oh the years are short! We cannot control what Mother Nature gives us, so we may as well embrace it. Happy Spring!


Article submitted by Tammy Charko BA, BSW, RSW. Tammy is Northern Gateway Public School’s Student Support Facilitator. Advocating for students and families and promoting success in school, Tammy is a support for schools, students, parents and caregivers. Tammy has been a Registered Social Worker for more than 20 years and is a mother to 3 teenagers and 1 young adult.

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