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Students Investigate Areas of Global Concern

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Grade 9 students were front and centre at Hilltop Jr/Sr High today presenting their research on a number of global issues. The informal and interactive Political Gallery Walk featured trade show style displays and centres that students created to illustrate and share their findings.

The project was the cross-curricular “baby” of Social Studies and Language Arts teachers Pam Mehl, Jennifer Keay and Rendean Koudelka. Forty-two student groups, spanning three Grade 9 classes, have been working hard on their projects which examined how factors like technology, physical geography and human geography affect a society’s decisions about social, political, environmental and humanitarian issues.

The Whitecourt community at large was invited to join students to discuss, learn and imagine innovative solutions to the global issues that impact our world, and they did not disappoint. Students, parents, and community members came out to show their support and join the conversations.

Students chose their topics based on interest and passion, running the gamut from Child Soldiers, ISIS, World Poverty and Alternative Energy to Ebola, Child Labour, GMOs, Government Censorship and Women’s Rights. Students shared their knowledge and awareness through digital presentations, storyboards, hand-outs and dialogue. 

The morning was a fantastic example of cross-curricular learning and student engagement, both in their studies and with their community. It was part of the PACE3 Curriculum Prototyping Pilot Project that Northern Gateway is a part of. 

Congratulations to all students and teachers involved. What a great learning and sharing experience for everyone!

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