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Talent abounds at MHS Drama Playoffs!

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Mayerthorpe Jr/Sr High is known for its Drama program, headed up by Mrs. Joanne Greenland. Drama students develop their craft and production skills in a variety of performances and competitions throughout the year, and the Annual Drama Showcase Playoff always plays to a packed house! 

A panel of judges presides over the evening ultimately choosing two plays to represent MHS at the Zone 2 West Drama Festival to be held in Westlock from April 21-23. 

Four plays and a monologue were featured:

88 Keys

A commanding performance from Cameron, as Maggie, in 88 Keys. Cameron held the audience's attention as she relayed her childhood memories centered around piano lessons. While Maggie hated taking her weekly piano lessons she learned a very valuable lesson from her piano teacher.  


JesseLane had the audience roaring with his hilarious monologue in which he tells the tale of being caught stealing something too big to be concealed. 


A very mature play centered around a realistic situation. A class of students are in a lockdown situation at their school. When a scared student bolts and the teacher follows after her, the students are left alone in their classroom. This tense drama featured some mature language from the cast members. Grade 12 student, Sam Everts, directed the ensemble cast to be realistic and believable.  

I'm Just Digging a Hole in the Woods at 2 AM. No Reason. Why Do You Ask? 

It's 2 AM and Halling, played by Josh, is intrigued by what his classmate Andrews, played by Gordon, is doing in the woods digging a hole. The duo banter back and forth with comedic drama as each student tries to explain what they are doing in the woods at this time of night.

Banana Nut Split

A great comedy that featured all senior Drama students. Set at Mama Cavalini's Italian Restaurant, the owner and the janitor find themselves short shifted while they await the arrival of a very influential food critic who always wears a green bow tie. Hilariousness ensues as the patrons' and staff's individual situations converge, including a few split personalities!

Special thanks to Nat for his amazing technical assistance with all of the plays!

In the end, Judges, Mr. Jason Bidniak, Mrs. Susan Mattson and Mr. Will Hagman, had a very difficult decision to make.
After much deliberation and praise for all actors, the judges chose 88 Keys and Banana Nut Split to advance to Zones.

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