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Teaching students about global citizenship through First Nation's art at OES!

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World Hoop Dancer Teddy Anderson visited Onoway Elementary School last week. As their Artist in Residence, Teddy spent the week of October 20th to October 24th sharing a message of unity, fellowship and peace with students through inspiring and interactive lessons and a final performance that had the gym packed with students and their families.

Teddy Anderson is a professional Hoop Dancer who has performed all over the world in hundreds of schools. His performances allow students to appreciate the meaning behind the First Nation's Hoop Dance, in which Teddy can dance with up to 30 hoops at one time.

The week long residence included:

  • hoop making with the students
  • three days of learning the dance and the history of the First Nation's Hoop Dance
  • detailed explanations of the stories behind each dance with a message of respect for all people
  • developing the confidence to perform in front of others; and,
  • striving for excellence in art and in lifeĀ 

A highly engaging performer, Teddy's residency had all students engaged and entertained, "Everything in my experience tells me that children have the greatest potential to impact change on the world," Anderson commented. "Rather than telling children how they should be, I do all I can to inspire them to be how they want to be. I believe the arts are a powerful tool of guidance and inspiration for students of all ages."
Parents, families and community members were invited to share in the final performance at the school and they came out in droves. "It was a meaningful experience for our students and our school community, and we want to thank our families and community members for coming out and showing their incredible support," shared OES Principal Lynn Shabada.

World Hoop Dancer Teddy Anderson

Artist in Residence Teddy Anderson shares message of unity and harmony with Onoway Elementary students.

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