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A Message to Our Students and the Graduates of 2018!

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To our Students

From Kindergarten to Grade 12, you inspire us daily with your optimism, curiosity and potential. You challenge us, in a good and necessary way, with your inquisitiveness, tough questions and brilliant ideas. Your minds and your journey as a student - from your first moments in Kindergarten to your adventures as a senior - are in our thoughts, plans and endeavours each day.

Thank YOU for being amazing!

YOU, are why all of us at Northern Gateway Public Schools do what we do – from your bus driver and teacher, to your aides and custodians, to principals and other people like coordinators, specialists and superintendents, who don’t see you every day in your classroom but who work passionately behind the scenes year round to make sure you have funding, materials, leadership, resources and facilities - so you can learn, grow and graduate with the tools, confidence and motivation you need, saying,

I Matter

I’ve Got This

I’m Just Getting Started

To our Grads

You are on the eve of both an ending and a beginning. As we stand beside you, your friends and your families in this very special place, we hope you truly recognize the magnitude of your achievement and sincerely wish you a lifetime of joy and learning. Congratulations Class of 2018!!

Learning for Life. Together.

Have a wonderful summer! Wild for Wetlands!