Effective, Research-based Instructional Practices

NGPS Quality Learning Environments

Clearly articulating the dimensions of quality learning environments is essential to ensuring strong instructional practices across Northern Gateway.  This iterative process is built upon the guiding principle that we have outstanding educators who can collectively define the common tenets of highly impactful and effective instruction.  

Educators across the division have been empowered to collectively develop NGPS Quality Learning Environments to serve as a foundation for reflecting on effective research-based instructional practices. 


  • Ensure that division-wide quality instruction is clearly articulated, co-constructed, supported by research and embedded in the culture of NGPS
  • Determine an understanding of the non-negotiables for quality pedagogy in every school, by establishing a commonly understood foundation of universal classroom practice
  • Provide a foundation for:
    • classroom observation and feedback
    • professional self and team reflection regarding teacher practice
    • professional development - more consistent and reliable professional growth
    • teacher recruitment - a lens for hiring and a framework for new teacher growth and  development
    • future leadership development within the division
    • community understanding of what quality pedagogy entails in every NGPS classroom