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EDITED: Re-entry: Students will return to in-school classes Sept 2

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The Government of Alberta announced yesterday that students will return to in-school classes under Scenario 1, with near-normal daily operations and added health measures. This means that daily in-school classes for all NGPS students will resume on Wednesday, September 2, 2020.

The province has shared a re-entry toolkit to help prepare students and families for what they can expect in the upcoming year.

This scenario includes several provincial safety strategies aimed at reducing the potential spread of COVID-19. In general, these strategies include:

  • hand hygiene & respiratory etiquette
  • physical distancing
  • use of cohorts
  • increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection
  • daily self-screening
  • having staff and students stay home when ill

The Northern Gateway Public Schools 2020-21 COVID-19 Re-entry Handbook outlines in detail the strategies and health measures Northern Gateway Public Schools will implement to support the health and safety of our students and staff. 

We appreciate that parents have many questions and we will continue to share information and updates on social media and our website. We thank you for your continued understanding and support as we prepare for the 2020-21 school year!






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hi i was wondering if there will be any kind of option for parents that are not comfortable sending the kids like online or every pick up and drop off school work to be done at home ?

Susan Neuman


I would like to know if there are alternatives in place if parents are not comfortable sending their children back to school with the current re-entry plan? Is it up to the parents to search for distance learning and pay for it? We have family health concerns that put us in a higher risk category for complications if we contract the virus.

Northern Gateway Public Schools


NGPS will be reaching out to families in early August to get feedback on whether your children will return to in-person classes this fall or if you are considering at-home learning. We will be in touch!

Jillian Raymond


What is the plan for students with under lining health issues? My boy has Asthma and every year since Kindergarten he has almost ended up in the hospital with pneumonia from just his classmates giving him the common cold on top of his allergies if you can’t prevent that for him how can you be so sure you can keep covid away ? Also I am a single working parent so if the only option is home schooling how is that going to work?



What about those who aren’t comfortable sending their kids back or those with underline health issues, will there be a option for them? Maybe as teacher guided homeschooling ?